Online PR

The power of digital PR

Inform, Inspire and Connect. These are the key-elements in our PR-cases. In our market, digital media are leading, both B2B as B2C. We select and work with the most powerful digital channels, the top and niche blog-sites, and social media to reach the audience.

Production and distribution of digital content is one of the jobs we fulfill. For social media, we support you to develop a corporate social media strategy and social media campaigns, including web-care consultancy, monitoring and reporting.

Bloggers and vloggers
CommuniGate is your guide in the Benelux’ online media landscape. We know the influencers, the bloggers, vloggers and writers. This is our daily job. Being writers and bloggers ourselves, we know how they think, what they need, which themes and topics fit to their sites and profile. This experience provides us the knowledge and network for the best approach and successful online PR-campaigns.

A new tool: The Inspiration Board
To benefit from all effects of visual, digital communication, CommuniGate developed a new tool, the Inspiration Board. This online communication instrument, 100% responsive, can best be explained as a mixture of an e-zine and mood-board. The Inspiration Board is focused on images and videos. Strong pictures to inspire and to tell the story. Catch the attention of the receiver is the first goal, follow by a click to a deeper page and the whole story. This will create additional traffic to your site.

Website creation
Together with designers and the technical experts, we develop websites for our clients. The creation of the website, starts with the objectives and selection of the target-audience. We create the concepts and transform these into site-maps. A key element is to match the objectives and message of the client with the demands of the target-audience. They are our starting-point. We believe in interaction, informing and sharing. This is how relevant content arises.

A selection of our cases