TUI Travel Battle: Sales meets Party


TUI Nederland

Relationship bonding

TUI Nederland and its retail brand Holland International have focused strongly on relation binding sales activities. In the last 8 years CommuniGate have organized a series of travel agent parties for 500 to 2.000 guests, with appealing themes such as The Travel-Battle, Glow in the Dark, RED and A Day at the beach.

Rapping with Ali B.

In close collaboration with the team of TUI Nederland the concept and theme for every party is developed, focused on the target group: mainly women between the 25 – 45 years old. To distribute the TUI-message on a fun and engaging way, the sales team acts and participates in performances at every event. The team is always in the mood to do something controversial, whether we let them abseiling from the top of a studio or let the illusionist Hans Klok saw them into two. But also while rapping alongside Ali B. and hip-hopping with the Groove Kings they win the sympathy of the travel agents.

Know your guests!

Variation and innovation is the power behind each party. Guests are entertained every minute. With activities, special catering concepts and performances on the mainstage. Most of the time with Dutch top artists. The line-up of the past 10 years is impressive: Marco Borsato, Kane, Jan Smit, Hans Klok, Guus Meeuwis, Nick & Simon, Ali B., Diva’s of Dance, Gerard Joling, dj Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen. But also video’s, lasershows and dance-acts scored well.


Before, during and after the party, there is frequent communication with the target group through TUI’s own communication channels, social media and trade media. The communication boost starts three to four months before the event. Obtaining tickets is often linked to a sales campaign, which runs until the very last moment…


  • Strong sales results
  • Generate a lot of sympathy and loyalty among the travel agents
  • Hundreds of ‘thank-you’ e-mails and messages
  • Holland International wins the award for ‘Best in Agency Gentleness and Service’
  • Publicity in all trade media
  • Reinforcement of the relationship with other branche partners

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