Nederlandse Vakantie Awards – ReisGala new style


ReisGala & Nederlandse Vakantie Awards

This case is about the renovation of two, over 15-year old B2B activities in the tourism industry – the ReisVeren and ReisGala – into a new, viable concept that reflects the current spirit of the age and market situation, but also finds a broad support among old and new players in the travel industry.

Total Makeover

Both concepts are completely overhauled and redesigned from the ground up. The B2B Reisveren have been replaced by consumer awards. The new ReisGala has been transformed into a platform for the Nederlandse Vakantie Awards (Dutch Holiday Awards) and an event in gala atmosphere.

On January 31st, the first Nederlandse Vakantie Awards were presented at the ReisGala new style 2015. The awards and the event are enthusiastically received by the whole travel industry.

Strategy & approach

In order to create broad support, ensure the reliability and quality of the results and to reach many consumers, we searched for strong partners who were willing to associate their name, network and expertise to the award concept.

For the communication towards the consumer, various communication channels are used, including the online communication channels of the partners. Through these channels, over a million people have been reached.

The concept

For this gala, a concept is created that goes beyond an award ceremony.

  • A number of awards issued by industry influencers and industry representatives, others by presenter Sebastiaan Labrie and the management of TravMedia Company
  • Mix of a walking dinner and sit-down dinner
  • The evening starts with a short film: “The travel industry in 2014”
  • The program is sleek and fast
  • Connection of all players in the market
  • The modern, industrial look and feel of the Schiecentrale Rotterdam
  • The results and photos of the award ceremony were broadly distributed to online and offline travel, news media and bloggers via press releases


  • 16 Proud winners in new award categories that match with the current offer in the travel sector
  • 315 Guests at the ReisGala new style
  • Players of the old and new style travel industry are well represented
  • Positive reactions from guests
  • A lot of spontaneous feedback via email and phone
  • Spin-off for the travel industry and winners: extensive positive exposure and publications, including an interview on BNR News Radio