Inspiration Board


The CommuniGate Inspiration Board

Inspiration in optima forma!

CommuniGate developed the Inspiration Board, capitalizing on the success and quick distribution of visual content in digital media. It’s a mix of an e-zine and a mood board with 90% visual content. A tool in which the images tell the story and the pictures invite to click through. This of course 100% responsive.

Digital content

Tourism Ireland is the first client for whom the Inspiration Board is deployed. This tool fits the desire of the Tourism Board to distribute more digital content well, especially videos. Another goal is to inspire and generate interest for Ireland. The focus is broad and varies from gastronomy and golf to culture, nature and cities.


The Ireland Inspiration Board focuses on media, bloggers, journalists and other parties whom are involved in the distribution of content to the selected target groups.

For each edition, there is space for 4-5 themes with each 2-3 catchy photographs related to the subject. Everything is ‘clickable’ and leads to pages on the website of Tourism Ireland. The Inspiration Board is distributed via mail and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Promising first results

  • More than 50% of the Dutch recipients opened the Inspiration Board and clicked through to different themes.
  • The amount of unsubscriptions can be counted on one hand.
  • The press trips interest from various target groups is remarkable high.

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