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Joint-promotion with Gazelle

“Isn’t the electric bike only for old people?” This prejudice was one of the aspects to deal with in a broad campaign of 2012-2014. The campaign showed the e-bike – that is hugely popular by now – in a complete different light. One of the elements within the campaign that placed e-biking in Tyrol on the map, was a joint-promotion with Royal Dutch Gazelle.

A suitable partner

Tyrol, the most popular destination for winter sport holidays, wants to improve its name awareness as a travel destination for summer holidays and is seeking a suitable promotion partner to achieve this. It’s important that the activities or products of the partner match the proposition of Tyrol: THE destination for an active summer holiday in a nature rich (mountain) environment.

Furthermore Tyrol wants to generate awareness for the biggest e-bike region in the world, with an extensive network of e-bike rental stations and points for battery charging and exchange.

Strategy & Approach

With the criteria: Dutch A-brand, targeted approach and a variety of options to use the partners ‘owned media’, CommuniGate elected Gazelle as a partner with a ‘100% match’.

Together with Royal Dutch Gazelle, a joint-promotion was realized whereby the province is profiled as THE e-bike destination of the Alps and in which the extensive and progressive e-bike possibilities are highlighted. In order to generate more traffic to the website visittirol.nl, a prize drawl was created in which five holiday vouchers were raffled. Simultaneously Gazelle could bring her e-bike assortment to the attention with the goal to increase the sales of the new hybrid bike.

Resources joint-promotion

  • 2 Gazelle newsletters on the online portal ‘Mijn Gazelle’
  • Announcement on the homepage van Gazelle
  • Consumer newsletters Tirol Tourism Board
  • Articles in the ‘Ga!’ fietsvakantieboek (cycling holiday book) of Gazelle including a price drawl
  • In-shop promotion at 960 Gazelle dealers with handlebar hangers, displays, brochures and magazines
  • Experience Center of Gazelle: promotional material, brochures about e-biking in Tyrol
  • Story pitching e-biking in the Alps
  • Press trips with the theme ‘e-biking in Tyrol’
  • Broadcast RTL4 TV program ‘Go Cycling’ (Gazelle was main sponsor) about e-biking in Tannheimer Tal, one of the most popular cycling regions of Tyrol.


  • 50.000 Gazelle-members informed via the Gazelle newsletter
  • 6.500 Tirol-consumers informed via the Dutch Tyrol newsletter
  • Substantial increase in traffic to the Tyrol website
  • 5 lucky winners who have shared their experiences
  • Reach of over 4 million consumers via editorial articles (in response to group press trip) in Kampioen, Consumentenbond Reisgids, Telegraaf and the Wegener newspapers.
  • Contribution to the popularity and profiling of the e-bike in the Netherlands
  • Perfect match: Tyrol has THE biggest e-bike region in the world and Gazelle is among the leading producers of e-bikes
  • Reach interesting target group via 950 ‘Tyrol branded’ Gazelle dealers

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